The Author

2005, was the year the books closed on an over 250 section, central Arizona, cattle and horse ranch. Beginning in the late 1800s, when much larger, and named the DK RANCH.

After nearly fifty years there as a cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. During the start of the year 2005 the handwriting on the wall began and the books closed on this historic  steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then, became my pen-name, THE  LAST  DK  COWBOY.

Read now stories of true happenings during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the open range while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into usable cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later in the other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among wild  cattle and wilder cowhands.

Ridin’ out in Arizona’s beautiful, natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although unusual, are just as I recollect them. To all those who have ever dreamed of being a cowboy, here’s your chance to ride along with me as your side-kick and saddle pard.

“There Ain’t Many Of Us Left”

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