Welcome to our Journey

Hello and welcome to our journey together.

For over a month now I’ve been looking at my computer with contempt! It was like looking at the worst, wildest bronco horse in my weekly string, on the morning I must step up on him, and try to keep him in control all day!  Some of these half-broke mustangs can still buck you off when going back home after 10 hours of Trails! But alas, I have had help getting me through this nightmare they call technology. All provided by a very confident Graphics professional, Kathleen Graphics. I’ve got a new blog website and a way to get my cowboy stories out to the public… now if only I could do all of this from the back of a horse!

This will always be a reference site to answer any and all questions you have about cowboys and their horses.  When you read these books you will NOT be alone.  I’ll be as close as your E-mails to chat about everything written here. Read on my friends!


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