I once had a dream boys,
so real it must be true
‘bout the cowboy’s place in heaven
when God’s roundup is thru

Seems like my top-hoss
and me where at the ole Pearly Gates
Along with lots of other folks,
one and all just waitin’ our fate

Then the great tally was taken
and the good Lord called my name
I asked, “Are there cows in Heaven,
Cowboyin’ is why I came

His laughter thundered ‘or the sky
and he said “Son, come along”
I’ll show you our cowboy Heaven
where nothin’ ever goes wrong…….

This poem continues in one of George’s books – you’ll love some of the others as well as the stories from my first book “True Stories and Rhymes from the Range”

This story is continued in George’s Books

Contact George Fischer to buy his books!


P.O. Box 403
Mountain Home, TX 78058




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