Sometimes I sit back
and think of days gone by
When I use to punch cows
‘neath an Arizona sky

My thoughts turn to ponies
I had in my string
To ride
‘em again would
make my heart sing

Far away up in the timber right now
’s a little ole horses
that could ketch any cow

The boss called him Lookin’ Glass…
I’ll never know why
‘cause of that twinkle
he had in his eye

He weren’t very big
and kinda shy of a rope
The boys all said he resembled
a large antelope

But with all the kiddin’ and teasin’
they sure did realize
That my twinkle-eyed pony
was really a prize

When we gathered
and the circles were wide
The country rough
and the cows seemed to hide

My pony would find them
and his ears showed the way
Then I
’d pat his smooth neck
for findin’ the stray

Right now,
I reckon, he has it just fine
’ to do
but roam thru the cedar and pine

Waterin’ in the draw
where I used to cool his back
Or grazin
’ on the ridge
where we found that maverick’s track

But I’ll bet there’s a spot
in that cow-pony’s heart
’s a mite empty
since we had to part

I don’t know if he misses me
as I now miss him
But this fall he
’ll be wantin’
to take them cows off the rim

When the mounts are cut out
and the extras turned loose
’ll be wonderin’ why
he wasn’t caught by a noose

But I’ll be back… Sometime…
Don’t know just when…
And we
’ll roundup together
just like ole pards agin.

If you liked this poem – you’ll love some of the others as well as the stories from my first book “True Stories and Rhymes from the Range”


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