When winters darn near over
and spring comes rollin
’ round
The cattle start to thinkin

‘bout their move to summer ground

I’ll ride on up to the summer range
on a pony fast and tough
Just a-checkin
’ on the water
to see they’ve got enough

Then I‘ll know where to graze ‘em
until the brandin’s thru
And when their free
‘til autumn
I’ll know where their goin’ to

I’ll jog on by ole Painted Tank,
I’ll surely find some there
That tanks set in a right nice place
ketches water every year

Further on and up the canyon
where the deer all seem to go
’s a sorta hidden spring,
but the water is always low

Maybe this time I’ll be lucky
and find a better stream
With the trough a-runnin
’ over!
Now I reckon that’s a dream

Just a little help from Heaven
and the cows will have it fine
So I reckon I won
’t worry
as I go ridin’ thru the pine….

This poem continues in one of George’s books – you’ll love some of the others as well as the stories from my first book “True Stories and Rhymes from the Range”

This story is continued in George’s Books

Contact George Fischer to buy his books!


P.O. Box 403
Mountain Home, TX 78058



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