Slewfoot the Black Bear

Slewfoot The Black Bear

The paw tracks were always recognizable. They belonged to Slewfoot. This bear had been hunted for years because of his supposed trophy size, plus his claws and pelt. Long ago he had been caught in a trap which severely damaged a front paw as he twisted his way free. This made his personal, crooked, track easy to recognize. Hence the name Slewfoot, for his sliding gait. It was estimated by the local game warden that this black bear could weigh 600 pounds or more. Attempts to catch him included baiting him with raw meat. A bear is a vegetarian, but can be tempted to become a carnivore if fed a meat diet. This also makes him more dangerous to livestock … and us humans. I was never inclined to hunt him until the day my son, David and I came upon his tracks in Mooney Canyon…..

This story is continued in George’s Books

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