A long healthy life

I have trained young horses most all of my life. Many years it was, many horses and everyday!
Often I rode 10-15 fractious horses for days on end.
This amounted to years of being regularly startled by their explosive actions to get me off … or being frightened by something else, themselves.
These yearly, constant shocks, gave me shots of adrenalin, thru my system, on a very regular basis.
That, and never being close to overweight, on a diet of mostly salads and steak, is what gave me my longevity..
So, if you’d like to live a long long time…..
Just ride a crazy horse every day, don’t get fat, and eat Beef every day!!!

This story is continued in George’s Books

Contact George Fischer to buy his books!


P.O. Box 403
Mountain Home, TX 78058


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