A long healthy life

I have trained young horses most all of my life. Many years it was, many horses and everyday!
Often I rode 10-15 fractious horses for days on end.
This amounted to years of being regularly startled by their explosive actions to get me off … or being frightened by something else, themselves.
These yearly, constant shocks, gave me shots of adrenalin, thru my system, on a very regular basis.
That, and never being close to overweight, on a diet of mostly salads and steak, is what gave me my longevity..
So, if you’d like to live a long long time…..
Just ride a crazy horse every day, don’t get fat, and eat Beef every day!!!

This story is continued in George’s Books

Contact George Fischer to buy his books!

lastdkslashcowboy@gmail.com          830-955-7281

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